zone vérité


Zone vérité, 2002, Metal, Plexiglas and lies detector Diameter: 200 cm, H: 190 cm


Urban furniture with a lie detector allowing to detect the veracity of exchanges in public space. Developed at the scale of a city, Fribourg, in Switzerland, the truth project proposes new relations in urban space based on transparency. Several truth zones (city furniture equipped with a lie detector*) are installed in the city (slightly curved suspended platforms serving as roof-shelters and micro-antennae making it possible to verify the truthfulness of exchanges). – Aids (light structures) are affixed to the city’s fountains permitting the channeling of an (infinitesimal) dose of pentothal (see location on the map). – A film – of the documentary type – showing the city filmed with an infrared thermographic camera which cannot be seen (the interior of the buildings). This film can be shown on a gigantic screen in the urban space. – A data bank displays results of all current operations around the clock (projection on the building). – A city map is drawn up, showing everything that is not visible on the surface, in other words, all the locations of A-bomb shelters. *The Truster, a computer software package, is the first “individual” lie detector which analyses the speaker’s voice in real time. The Truster is based on three levels (emotion, cognition, and physiology) to know whether what is said is the truth. Emotion : uncontrollable element which gives the level of excitement and emotion that we attach to our utterances. Cognition : coherence of our utterances. Physiology : indication of the person’s stress and physiological conditions.