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dead mall


Dead Mall, 2002-2003, Competition project in collaboration with François Perrin, architect based in Los Angeles.


The “Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design” proposes a two-part competition for planning the future of malls, those “shoeboxes” of the 1960s which marked the beginning of consumer euphoria but which are nowadays deserted. Los Angeles is cruelly short of public places, and malls are virtually the only possible meeting points... We started out from this fact and have transformed the mall into an artificial landscape, an open and moving space, closes to the Jemaa el Fna Place in Marrakech. The space is reconfigured at any moment by the people living in it, the light, the climate and the crowd are all part of the overall design of the landscape ; the architectural “void” turns into an organic space, a moving laboratory with many different time-frames.